Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware The Ides Of March

So today marks the middle of March. But seeing as we are not in a Julius Caesar play, all this means to us is that Spring has finally sprung. While Winter to Spring is the biggest transition season in terms of fashion, this does not mean you change your whole wardrobe overnight. Hence the word, transition.
So we took the liberty of helping you out....

Don't Switch Into Flip Flops and Shorts Just Yet
Mornings and evenings are still cool. Make the switch gradual. Cannot stress gradual enough. You should put all of your heavy winter coats away but things like light sweaters, cashmere, cardigans, and scarves should be kept out. Boyfriend jeans are great as well

Start Adding Color To Your Daily Outfits
Colorful scarfs are a great way to do this. You are still warm, while adding a crucial splash a color. Lucky for us, floral is a big trend this spring. So finding a cute floral blouse to wear under a fitted blazer shouldn't be hard at all.

Colorful bags, rings, headbands.  All of these will help you get into the fun feel of Spring.

Switch out those wool stockings for your favorite Wolford tights. Under calf length skirts and dresses. Remember, tights should be opaque and no fishnets. The only time sheer tights should be worn are with shorts, and only some can pull this look off without looking like there on their way to a Peter Pan audition.

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