Sunday, March 14, 2010

No One Says Thank You Like Cartier

If there's one thing we know about besides fashion, it's proper etiquette. Always RSVP, unwanted food comes out with a fork, leave a portion of food on your plate, and never be late. One of the most important rules of etiquette that is being practiced less and less everyday, are thank you cards.
We cannot stress to you enough how important this is. It's such a simple concept;
Dear Mary,Thank you so for the soap. It will look perfect in my bathroom. Can't wait to see you at the fourth of July party. Love, Brunchgirls.
See? That took me all of two seconds.
Sending a thank you note makes the person feel like their gift was appreciated, even if was sub-par and re-gifted.  And plus, it reflects back on you.
So maybe the lack of thank you cards was due to the fact that the only ones you can find these days are either tacky and too flowery or cheap pre written ones.
Well, now you have no excuses.
Cartier has recently started selling hand engraved thank you cards. They are like little art works and sending thank you notes will no longer feel like a chore. Pair these with the Logo Cartier Ballpoint Pin and you'll be throwing parties so you can send these.
You can find both at your local Cartier Boutique or at The cards are only $50 per box of 10 cards with lined envelopes.


Michelle said...

I completely agree.

On the other hand, my insistence on handwritten thank you cards has won me a number of second-round job interviews and even the occasional job offer. I suppose I should appreciate that something I was always just raised to do can have those kinds of results.

Sincere Lee said...

I'm in love.

Thank you from Jay said...

I think a little bit is that people also always want to convene the perfect message...and sometimes that is difficult, so they rather just not send one...A engraved card from Cartier and a pen sends a pretty good message...

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