Saturday, March 6, 2010

Put Down the Coach and Step Away

If you aren't a sixth grader in Wisconson, than you shouldn't even know what Coach is, much less carry it about.  If you need a modarately priced bag, then we can definately help you.
JPK Paris
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Kate Spade

Betsey Johnson
Juicy Coutoure
Dooney & Bourke


Jessie said...

AMEN, ladies!
Gah, I've been saying this for years.
Thank you for allowing me to feel validated :)

Julia said...

can we eliminate Uggs along with all coach bags and tiffany's chain heart bracelets and matching necklaces? its like being stuck in a nighmare in a long island suburb!

Brunch girls said...

Haha! Yes, Julia. Apart from the gorgeous $2.2 mil engagement rock, all Tiffany's can be eliminated. And nobodys fooling us with their Chanel knockoffs either.

Sincere Lee said...

Precisely!! I haven't bought Coach since 1999. CC all fashionitas aged 21 and over.

P.B. said...

Ooooh, this made me laugh. I was beginning to wonder if I was alone in this assessment. I agree with Jessie- thanks for the validation!

Fashion Face said...

THANK YOU. I had a Coach bag in the 4th grade....take a que from Beyonce and Upgrade it everyone. Coach is handbags as what Glamour is to Vogue. As Ms. Wintour would say...."let's lift it"

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