Thursday, March 4, 2010

What the Que?

We haven't seen anything interesting today, so as always we went to today's Neiman Marcus homepage to find something to make fun of. Today, the idiots at Neiman Marcus decided it would be a good idea to suggest incorporating denim into your wardrobe. Much worse, however, is the designs are completely offensive and the denim Valentino roma bag makes me ashamed of gorgeous bright pink one. So ashamed, in fact that I seriously considered giving it to some tasteless ebay person. And the worst part is all of our friends have hopped right on the ugly bandwagon: Thakoon, Dolce & Gabanna, Prada, and Ralph Lauren Black. Neiman Marcus has been slipping for a while, but it is officially Not cool.


Bitch said...

At first I didn't find it THAT ugly, but uhg, two seconds later I found out it's really ugly xD

Shayna said...
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Anonymous said...

My mother is a teacher, and the last time I visited her classroom the kids were using these very awesome rubber mittens with a stamp that looked exactly the same as the bag on the front to paint. I can't look at that bag and not think of how the texture would look great the next time I paint my hallway!

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