Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Fair Ladies

Not that we watch it or anything, but we think its funny that Harper's Bazaar has tried in vein to class up the "Jersey Shore" guido girls. Snookie and the girls got some lessons, a picture's worth a thousand words.
And to all Jersey Shore people:
Buy Harper's or go on the above website. We're not posting THAT on our blog.


Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...


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Anonymous said...

Nice blog:-) loving that shirt haha

daisychain said...


Lily said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! and thank you so much for following me!!! I really like your blog too! I'm following you guys aswell!

Shayna said...

I'm seriously perturbed (that's right, beyond disturbed) by this... mostly because I just (on Friday) gifted myself a subscription to Harper's Bazaar (I went all out.. $8 on for two years - but still)

That and I kind of hate Jersey Shore for making NJ out to be not only an asphalt strip from NY to Philadelphia, but one greased by hair gel - ew!

me said...

thanks for posting this. i am actually impressed. they look semi normal. i didn't know it could be done.

are you ladies going next week?!

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