Saturday, April 10, 2010


Gossip Girl sucks now. In order to express properly how awful and offensive to our intelligence it is, I must  give a summary of a conversation I had with my aunt.

This Weeks Episode:
  • Nobody cares about Blair's maid's life. Especially when they say "You are princess, and every day you make me feel like King." Is a king not a princess' dad?
  • Erik got even gayer and less interesting.
  • Blair wouldn't make sure Chuck's not around when she opens a note and then not just not cover up her shit and leave it in plain sight.
  • Is it supposed to mean two different things when Serena says, "You know Blair, she's probably cheating."?
  • We hate Danessa. They have, like, negative chemistry.
  • Did anyone else notice the five minutes of soap opera silennce after Blair slaps Chuck?
  • Assasin looks pretty fun. We've never played.
In General
  • The banter got way less intelligent and interesting.
  • Gossip Girl hardly ever talks anymore
  • Ending high school killed the show.
  • They got rid of a lot of characters, but haven't brought in anyone else to replace them
  • Nobody cares about the parents.
  • Dan is super fugly now and his face has got fatter and you can tell its from all that beer he's been drinking
The cherry on top was last weeks episode was when Nate said, "I lost my virginity to you, I loved you. And then I woke up and you were gone, never to be heard from again for a year." Hahahahah. We think he said it wrong and the director was like "keep that" because he decided it's such a Nate thing to say. Almost as good as the time Chuck pulled a bottle of Nair out of his pocket.


Julie said...

LMFAO! so true, made me laugh! thank you ever so much! ;p


Deconstruction said...

Totally true. I watched one or two episodes when they went to college and then had to stop. And GG was one of my favorite shows!!!

Becca Christensen said...

Agreed! Even the fashion is weaker this season. And ps: they graduated high school and gossip girl became irrelevant to the show. Other than random narrations - she's absent. Wtf.

Anonymous said...

gossip girl sucks almost as much as this blog

Carly Findlay said...

I wanted to love Gossip Girl, I really did, but I just couldn't love it.

I watched around 5 episodes and aside from the fashions, no character grabbed me, and the characters seemed to be so much more mature than their real age.

PS: I found you on 20SB - in the comment challenge thread.

The Lonely Boy said...

I am also in a love/hate relationship with G.G.

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