Friday, April 16, 2010

Outnet Sale

Was To Good To Be True

The Outnet one dollar sale was today, and unless you are nocturnal or an insomniac, you probably missed it. We received the email at 6:45 this morning. And we live on the east coast, so we can only imagine how pissed the west coasters must be. At seven twenty, upon seeing the email, I logged onto Outnet, only to see that EVERYTHING was sold out!! After accepting that there was not one thing on the eleven pages left in stock we realized that not everything on Outnet was apart of the sale. Only select items. What the hell? We don't remember our first birthday, but we're guessing it was better than this.


Shayna said...

Ditto on both counts... and somewhere my mother has photos of me at aforementioned 1st birthday smeared with chocolate frosting... I may have been a sticky mess, but unlike the hot mess that was the 'sale' at least I got to eat something sweet :-)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I left some comments on other posts already, but basically what company releases a sale at 6:45 am which effectively excludes an entire coast (and anyone on the East Coast that might actually do stuff like sleep or shower and go to work).

Johanna Palka said...

Ummm...thank you. It was a 5.45 for me in Chi-town which was a load of B.S. I am not bitter, tho.

Elea Carey said...

Sounds like ye olde bait-and-switch, a nefarious practice usually only resorted to by used car salesguys. Slimy!
I appreciate your SpiCy posts and your kind comment the other day on my blog.

Anastasia and Duck said...

In the UK the sale was at a sensible time, but they clearly didn't realise how many people would be interested and their server crashed! I tried like 10 times to access the site and every time it said they were over capacity. By the time I managed to log in, the sale was over... Damn them!


The Queen of Hearts said...

I honestly, can NOT talk about this anymore. I have my own post about this, i.e. an open letter to concerning that egregious event. I'm STILL waiting for a response from them! Cheeky bastards.


Nia B said...

Hilarious post! I love your sense of humor. I also agree with you on this one, but I knew it was too good to be true.

Tc, Nia B
Dubai's It Girl

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