Friday, April 2, 2010

We Love : Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, we loved you since your days as Posh Spice. We still have no idea why all our friends preferred Baby Spice, but look at you now. You showed that bitch, no body even knows her real name. You are one of the few celebrities to have done it right, not only in husband picking, but also in your fashion line. We love the your breath taking body conscious gowns and your hourglass sheaths with the rose-gold back zippers ("so you don't have to dive into it and mess your hair and makeup") and  removable grosgrains ribbon lining the waist ("for posture"). Your jeans are amazing and we couldn't be more pleased with the perfect fit. We died for your performance on Ugly Betty and are more than jealous of your perfect posture and your tactfulness you showed on American Idol. You may not  remember us from when you helped us find the perfect pair of denim at your lines debut at Bergdorf Goodman, but we certainly won't forget you especially since your Fall '10 collection has us swooning for more.


Shayna said...

Did you see the movie Spice World circa 1997 (or at least sometime around then) - Victoria Beckham: What will I wear? The little black dress, or the little black dress or, I don't know, the little black dress? Love her!

And I actively want that red dress!

Anonymous said...

when I was a little girl (...ehm, back then there was no term "preteen") I loved Spice Girls and I've always loved Posh the most. :)

Shelby Gareck said...

Lol I'm guilty of liking baby spice
Great post!

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