Friday, May 7, 2010

Anther Day, Another Secret Baby

Us being the crazy obsessed One Tree Hill fans we are have been stalking P. Sawyer's where abouts ever since her leaving One Tree Hill. We've found that Hilarie Burton has been working on some not yet released movies and now is apart of Southern Gothic Productions  . So, were just hanging around, flipping through magazines so we could update our blog with something that's not a Formspring question, when E's News, Ryan Seacrest (only on to pass the time before Chelsea Lately)  informs us that not only is Hilarie seeing Mary Louise Parker's ex fiance, but her and the DILF have procreated a baby boy (named Gus??)  a few months ago! Can you imagine the shock?!

They started dating in early 2009 and left that May. To recent commenters we may be stupid bicheses (seriously? learn to spell) but it doesn't take two geniuses to count 9 months back. I guess now we know we know why she left OTH.


Chele said...

i swear she looks so different, did she do anything to her fce?

CC said...

Who knew, right? She is gorgeous though. :)

Star-Light said...

Thank your so much for your cute Comment :))

Nice Blog!!

Julie said...

Hmm i prefered her blonde.

But geeese, i didn't know that! I'm so late with gossip.


TabithaVenasse said...

So sad. OTH isn't the same without P.Sawyer.

While that might explain P.Sawyer's disappearance, do we know yet why Chad Michael Murray disappeared without a word?

Roberta said...

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sarah said...

haha heard about this- so weird. i love chelsea lately too btw!

Alexa Hodge said...

This is so crazy!

Shayna said...

...and yet I still wish she was on One Tree Hill because a. she came with Chad Michael Murray who is hot and b. the story lines while still fabulous soap operatic, lack the bitchy sarcasm that her character spewed on demand (although Brooke is amusing for the same reason... but two together is so much more entertaining!)

Brunch girls said...

Chele: She does look different! We think it's because she dies her hair brown; it used to be blonde.

LovelyBee said...

That man is seriously smoking HOT!!

Question: Does it mean that I have daddy issues if I'm mostly attracted to older men such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan *swoons*, Downey Jr *faints* and Clooney *__________BP's dropping________
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nothing; bring it up to 300! Clear! _____________________Still nothing!
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