Friday, June 4, 2010

Shu Uemera

In case you don't already know, the fabulous Brunch Girls are here for you, to help you in every aspect of your life. We are the girls that know fresh faces shine brighter than clown faces. Nude lips in the daytime are always good, and save lipstick darker than your blush for holoween. The eyes are most girls' best feature (especially the ones without having had braces or nosejobs) so don't put the dark stuff on in the day or eyeshadow on your browbone, its too drag queen.
We really like Asian things, Nelly Uki, Sushi, pedicures, and pad thai (but not Anna Sui). So we were particularly distraught to find that Shu Uemura is closing everything in America, online, stores, even their contract with Sephora. No one willl be able to sell it here at all. This innovate, imaginative, artisic line featuring a simple palettes with emphasis on the eyelashes that put even Twiggy to shame. We also loved Perscriptives' mascara, but they were also conquered by cheap America's antics. Now we wear Givenchy.
But who, oh who will replace Shu Uemera? Burberry perhaps?


ilsteviewonder said...

intresting post! =)

La p├ępite modeuse said...

Waouh for the picture :p

Shayna said...

But why?? Seriously though - why cut out the considerable American market? Love those eyelash enhancements :-)

Claudia Lawrence said...

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beneath the glass said...

hey girls! ok, i'm bad, i wear dark lipstick during the day- but red looks good on me, cut me some slack, lol. and Shu Umera's closing everything?? that sucks!!

miss anonymous. said...

I have no need for shu uemera eyelashes, my eyelashes are naturally like that. I tell a fib. Mine are measly and about 7mm long (I measured). Love the blog :)

xx miss anonymous.

Elena S. said...

great blog - i love your banner picture ! so fitting
i am now your follower- feel free to follow me back

Orchid said...

wow love the work on those eyes man...crazy ideas so cool!!!

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