Friday, July 23, 2010


We finally watched the MTV movie awards. A month later, and we realize that some of you might not have watched them. We know that most of the movies that have come out this year (Precious, Inglorious Bastards, Alice in Wonderland, and The Lovely Bones) are more disturbing than Kevorkian's paintings, but that shouldn't stop you. You missed the following:

"I'm a big fan of Twilight. My favorite character is edward. So I finished twilight and I'm all psyched to see New Moon see some more Edward, Right? Dude's gone the whole movie. What's up with that? Movie starts and he's like 'Sorry, I gotta move. ' And then he's gone the whole time and then he comes back at the end and he's like 'alright, I'm done filming Remember me, here I am.' And the girl, Bella's gotta choose between Jacob the wolf boy and Edward. And she's like 'Edward! I'm down.' And he's like 'Cool. Wanna get married.' Like right away, he doesn't give the wolf guy any space to leave. Like he bends down to propose and the wolf's nuts are on his shoulder. That's how little space he gives. And right after he proposes, the credits come right away. Like that's some big cliff hanger, Right? No its not. That's not how a cliff hanger works, Twilight! We all know she's gonna say yes. Like you can't have a hero running away from a bunch of explosions and be like 'I made it' and then 'TO BE CONTINUED.'" We love it! Azziz Ansari is so freaking hilarious and so are the people that wrote that bit! Azziz ansari talks Twilight and he knows Twilight. The brunch girls considered team Jedward for a bit but that's dumb, like team Bella or people that like strawberry ice cream. Make a decision Black or Cullen! And how are you supposed to win free food at Burger King if you don't?


Just Another Londoner said...

Hahaha that's hilarious. As far as the films go, I'm Team Jacob all the way. If I was Rob Pattinson's girlfriend I'd probably be glad he was absent for most of the film...
Thanks for the comment :) xoxo

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Beth Dunn said...

They do a great job of making fun of that movie, so funny!

Anonymous said...

I love you!!!

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