Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let us teach you one of the most valuable lessons you will ever learn.  DO NOT BUY PRINTS ON SALE. We don't care if its Tory Burch, Pucci, DVF, or Miu Miu. If it makes things easier, avoid them all together.

New lesson: Do not ask if or assume something is from Forever 21 (unless you're purposely trying to be bitchy). About ninety percent of America owns at least one thing from Forever 21, and none of those people stop to think of the "Taiwanese Infants" (thank you, Big C) who died making their disposable garments.  Its like a cult, but worse, because these practices are considered normal. We'll just happily prancing around the city in a Pleasure Doing Business or Herve Leger (everythings 70% off in the Melrose store, BTW) skirt and people will ask if its from Victoria's Secret or Forever 21. And even if they don't ask, we can see it in their eyes. These stores, like Goodwill, Target apparel, or the Salvation Army, have their place. But that place is not on our body.


Shayna said...

Ugh I have absolutely NOTHING good to say about Forever 21 - including their maternity-wear-for-teens, plus-size-for-size-sixes... or their need to bedazzle and acid wash everything!

... On the other hand I saw a Herve Leger dress recently (in Nordstrom? Bloomingdale's? Not sure) that made me want to cry because it was so pretty ;-)

ooolalashop said...

El boyshort es una pieza de ropa interior sexy maravillosa. Ojalá lo hubieseboy short llevado más .. Impresionante.

courtney said...

I don't know about the boy short. It certainly won't go out of style.

Lizzie said...

I checked out the
boy short posts on the blog. Nice stuff. Glad that I could find this brunch at barneys!

Anonymous said...

haha. i like your tone.

um, i've been to Forever 21, once. everyone there looked like they'd stepped right out High School Musical.

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