Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cold Weather

                    We, like everyone we know, love going skiing, snowboarding, hot tubbing, and to the spa in our Vale estate. We love how hot and thin we look in our Ralph Lauren, YSL, J.Crew, and Burberry outerwear and how our black Range Rover Sport looks like a car commercial in the snow. We love warm cider and caramel and snuggling up to our flannel-clad flavor of the month.

                   You knew this was coming....... we hate how fatasses think its okay to wear spandex leggings with t-shirts; ugg boots; grown women pull out their rainbow of velour sweatsuits (really, we don't even wear those to get ready for parties anymore); gouging your face becomes acceptable; priests get boners not for little boys, but for the season that is to come, full of cash from guilty sinners; chapped lips (not us, but other people); the city (our cause of death will be tourists); lack of good music....... TO FIX THIS PROBLEM, we will be posting 5 songs per week that YOU WILL LOVE!!!! De rien

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