Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shit Just Got Real

We are not usually good at ignoring things, but lately it has been convenient. Convenience is for the lower class. it is why obesity, McDonald's, Asian spas, and Forever 21 have made it in America. The first thing we can no longer ignore is the pleading background image of our Mac books and Blackberries. It is the Brunch at Barney's gate and we've disgraced it. We apologize once again for being uninspired and leaving the blog in shambles, it was unladylike. We blame rap music and Obama (thank you Eminem for exempting that from being considered racist). We also must address the other Elephant in the room. To be honest, nothing arouses us more than derision. Now you know something's up but telling you would be doltish and boring, something this blog will never be again. We welcome criticisms, they enliven us, and you want that. Gossip girl is appalling, and not in a good way. It is way too soapy and CHAIR falling in love again is the CWs execrable attempt at pumping their ONLY successful show. All further comments on that monstrosity of a program will be purely educational and focused on music and attire.

Here's your weekly allowance of songs, as promised

I like what you say Nada Surf
Look after you The Fray
Dance so good Wakey Wakey
Everybody loves me One Republic
Young folk Peter Bjorn and John

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