Thursday, July 18, 2013

All that matters is the beautiful life

We are 2 girls in their early twenties with enough humility to be always on a diet and never in a crop top. Just because we have $2K to drop on a louis vuitton doesn't mean we wont spend an hour of our time flirting with any of his many well dressed salespeople. we recognize that the answers our young minds posess have more depth than the questions others can conjure, but that does not make us better than them. It just makes us smarter.
    We know that weird kids turn into awesome adults and rich kids develop weird drug fetishes. Basic bitches end up in working in cubicles, living in denial, and dying thinking orange is a color rather than an eyesore (sorry Hermes). wars are waged, hearts are broken, and everyone is constantly trying to prove to everyone that they aren't what they seem. the majority aims to shock their past self and impress their future self by dissecting their present self, a process that tears the soul to pieces that some spend their lives trying to collect.
    So today, dear readers, we implore you to be what you are. If you're "weird" congrats, you at least are not a bore. If you're "flamboyant," turn it into art, if you're "stupid" you will find happiness more easily, if you're a "bitch," see you in law school; if you're "boring" read and quote this blog on the reg, and so on, this isn't a fucking self help blog. The fact of the matter is that we all have labels, and rather than trying to conceal/change yours, own it. Your life is not about you, its about the people you effect and the encounters you have. If you want to spend your life looking over your shoulder at what other people are doing/thinking/saying then do the world a favor and stay off the roads. lol
                   the weirdest, richest bitches you know


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