Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Favorite Quotes

"Florescent lighting, communal showers, public school girls. There's a place for that, and that is the back of a video store." ~ Chuck Bass
"A pledge does not a broken hymen mend." ~ Brooke Davis
"There comes a day when every girl realizes their mother is more screwed up than she is." ~ Gossip Girl
"Love is the soul's recognition of its counterpart in another" ~ bumper sticker
" No, really disgusting is going to be the American Psycho style dismemberment I’m going to perform on you if you don’t do that right fucking now!
Lloyd: What about doggy poop?
Ari: HUMAN shit Lloyd. Yours, if it’s easier. Otherwise, go camp out in the men’s bathroom, or the woman’s bathroom, whichever will have you, but I need a specimen." Ari Gold

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