Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the best commercial I've ever seen! AND we get it.

An old man packs a suitcase. "I'm returning to where it all happened," he says like he's referring to Normandy, "We stormed that beach like it was already ours, and after the first shot, it was all a blur, Bombshells everywhere. we were just boys then." he pauses, "But now, I'm going to relive my best time." "Cancun flights for as low as $129" flashes behind him on the board. i am in love. I know he's talking about getting wasted on Jager Bombs. And frankly, I am proud of the fact that I got this right instantly. I have decided that I am completely open to endorsing , for which this commercial was made. if you need to search travel rates easily online, use Kayak, because its spelled the same backwards and forwards, and THAT is cool!

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