Monday, November 9, 2009

GG quotes ARE useful

today, me and my friends were playing soccer with some guys, most of them left and it was just one with me and my friends. I am not normally a blue-balling bitch, but he seemed more interested in the game than us...UNacceptable. i declared we must leave, and he frowned, and asked "so soon?' i replied "yes, I'm very sorry but me and my friends must go. but have fun playing with yourself." We left in a fit of giggles, like 10th graders at a school dance. pathetic, i know, but i posted this not only to show you the up side to observing Chuck and Blair's witty banter, but also to show you that i'm not perfect.

C"Don't you see Blair? It's just a game to me."
B:"then have fun playing with yourself"
-Gossip Girl season 1
"thinking's for the morning after." a classic, can be used anywhere

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