Monday, November 2, 2009

High End Sportswear

Stella McCartney, Paul McCartney's Daughter, is seemingly talentless when you base your opinion on her overpriced, boring,unoriginal clothes, but she has found her calling: athletic wear. her daring, delicate clothes are frumpy and not functional to the untrained eye, but because were us, we know better. The seemingly simple complexity of the pieces is inspiring, almost so much we'd begin exercising. view adidas
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Truly the Gucci of sportswear, Puma is every bit ghetto fabulous. we prefer their tops and dresses, and their cat T-shirt is guaranteed to look and feel amazing on you, regardless of your shape, size, or athleticism. Puma
Lululemon's hoodies and select bottoms are attractive, use your discretion. lululemon
once upon a time, a greek man ran record distance in record time to proclaim the victory of the Athenians, he uttered the word "nike" (meaning victory) and died. 2500 years later, this story served as inspiration for 2 men with a knack for designing sneakers. hello, multi-billion dollar company. click on a random picture and experience the most functional form of art: athletciwear nike

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