Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bitch Posse

I ordered this book from Amazon thinking it'd be just another book like the Private series or Gossip Girl. Filled with clever bitchy lines and fashion. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. This book is fucking crazy. Seriously I mean FUCKING CRAZY. Besides from being two clicks away from book porn(do they even have that?)it's filled with drugs, affairs, and murder. There's few bitchy lines and definitely no fashion. But there are three girls Cherry, Wren, and Amy who throughout the book jump from being in high school to their thirties. In high school they deal with sleeping with teachers and heroin pushing mothers. You know, normal teenage stuff. As adults ones in a mental institution, surprise; ones a teacher sleeping a student; and ones an alcoholic divorcee who's still stuck on the past. As wrong as it may be though we loved it. It's officialy made one of our favorite books.

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Lovely Bones said...

I read this book back in highschool and liked it to surprisingly. I was looking on google wear to buy it and your site came up. Glad it did!

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