Monday, February 8, 2010

For Windsor,

You are surely one to talk Windsor, Connecticut. Do you even have cable there?
Maybe you should take your own advice and get a thesaurus seeing as though all the "big" words you used in your inane babble came directly from our blog.
We see you made use of at least one of the techniques you learned in tenth grade creative writing considering the fact that the first half of your tripe comment was our intro rephrased. I guess we were wrong, public school can teach you something. And the second half about your daughter in pre-k...wonder where you got that? Oh, I know the person who commented before you! So while you may think our blog is painfully terrible (which is a pretty big assumption seeing as though you only spent six minutes on our site) we think you are painfully unoriginal.

And fyi we do inhere to all of the qualities:

Belligerent: we started this word war with you didn't we?

Ressilent: and then we kept right on blogging

Uninhibited: we could go on to say that our posts go far out of what's politically correct but as if you had any idea what that meant.

Naughty: as we previously mentioned if you spent more than six minutes reading our blog you'd realize this is one of our most prominent qualities.

Creative: our fashion sense, writing, and ideas are all far from passe.

Hilarious: we and most of our other readers find our posts extremely humorous.

And for future reference comments are used for sharing your feelings on the intended post not for taking out your post menopausal rage.
We wouldn't want the rest of our readers to be bothered by your innocuous opinions, now would we?

In regards to this comment...

Anonymous said...

I have heard all the music, can afford all the clothes and have seen all the shows on this blog and I am not insulted and I did not laugh! This blog hinders creativity and is terribly written! You need to learn how to use a thesaurus because this blog does not inhere any of the qualities mentioned above. My daughter in pre-k can write a better blog! This blog is painfully terrible!

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Anonymous said...

way to turn the screws on those bloody fucks

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