Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anna, Take Notes

This past week Turkey became a brighter place to live. The first ever Turkish Vogue was published! Ece Sukan, editor-in-chief and former model does not disappoint. The cover is enough to make us swoon for what's inside. We love how there are no headlines. But most is how the cover is graced with the Canadian model, Jessica Stam, and not some famous because they're famous socialite. This magazine knows what it's about. And that's fashion.


Meighan said...

I love how minimal and completely inviting the cover it... I am so curious to see what gorgeous creations fill the pages!!

nicola ticola ponders said...

LOVE Jessica Stam. They've won me already! And I can't agree more, refreshing to not have some no-mark celeb or socialite on the cover. Amen to that!

nicola xx

tam pham said...

hubby and i are in the midst of planning our 1 yr anniversary trip to Turkey so i've been in Turkey state of mind! love the cover- stam= gorgeous.

elledee said...

love stam. stam looks kinda what lindsay lohan would look like if she were healthy/sane/sober/classy.

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