Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DIY : Lace Nails

If you haven't noticed, we are obsessed with painting our nails. While we love experimenting with matte finishes and different patterns it gets boring. Doesn't everything? Perhaps that's one of the reasons fashion always changing. Or because Forever 21 decides to sell it, not before remaking it with cheap material and making it look like shit.

So to combat the monotonous nail styles are lace nails. This is such a novel idea and we envy the gorgeous minds that came up with it.

Here's how it works:
1. Find black lace. (This would be a great time to retire your hooker tights)
2. Measure and cut the lace to each individual nail.
3. Polish a single layer of top coat.
4. Place the cut out lace on the nail on firmly press the out corners of the lace with a toothpick. (make sure it's not colored, one of my nails now has some green in it)
5. Wait a few minutes for the polish and lace to dry.
6. Finish with two more applications of top coat.


Tiffany said...

awesome tip! really pretty and classy :)

Jill said...

Cool idea! I'd love to try it, i love experimenting with new nail trends :D

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. Now excuse me, I need to find some black lace in the terrifying depths of my wardrobe :)

I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I like this blog more and more :)

Beth said...

What a pretty idea!

Lace nails would be perfect for a special night out.

(And they seem pretty foolproof which would be good for me. Haha.)


Erratic Traveller said...

Definitely going to try that. May, in fact, have to put it on a list. So jealous that you're in Cozumel! Lovely blog.

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