Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Skirts Are Back!

Recently Wynn, the amazing author of the amazing blog Getting In There, asked us to bring mini skirts back. While we are flattered by her confidence in us, and we have no doubt in our minds that we couldn't pull this off (we managed to start the knee highs with our uniform skirts in middle school after just our first week in seventh grade) we didn't need to. They came back all on their own! Check out the runway photos for Fall 2010

Anna Sui

Alexander Wang (notice the knee high socks???)

Some Of Our Favorite (Click On Pictures To Purchase)

But Not


Johana Hill said...

Ooooo nicey nice! Love the skirts, especially the Versace ones. ;p

Shayna said...

Glad you made it clear that the school girl look is NOT acceptable :-)

A good rule of thumb: If Britney would wear/wore it, don't.


Jane M said...

I love mini's! These ones are gorgeous :)

Wynn Wygal said...

OH hey! You two are amazing! And I am psyched about these skirts. For New Years I bought a gold and black sequin La Rok mini skirt that looks remarkably similar to the Cecilia de Bucourt one you feature here. Also, I want that Missoni skirt -- I believe I saw it at Saks last week, or at least one similar.

Also, I much appreciate your purposeful exclusion of those atrocious Abercrombie/Abercrombie-esque minis. That plaid one is obviously for people who never went to prep school.

Great post! And not just because I'm featured.

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