Monday, March 8, 2010

Feels Better Than Doing Lines In A Neiman Marcus Bathroom

Not that we'd ever do that, we're on a Neimans hiatus. (reasons why soon to come)

One day.

Two awards.

How many awards did Sandra Bullock win last night? Two? Oh no that's right, just one.

Okay, so maybe were letting this get to our heads, but up until a month ago we had three followers and only two comments. Two of three followers were us. Two of the two comments were hate comments.

We are sooooooooooooooooooo excited to know people are actually reading are blog. And like it!

And Carina Bloggerina, your blog The Blogette is pure sublime! I suggest you visit her blog, and send lots and lots of love toward her. (By the way, towards is not proper grammar, or english, or a word)

The Rules :  post the photo, link to the person who gave it to you, and pass it on to other bloggers, and let them know you've given it to them. This reward normally requires you to pass it on to 12.    

We like Carina's way better. We'll will be bestowing this fabulous award to just one blog.

                     We are proud to announce that the award goes to.....

After careful consideration we came to a conclusion that we have none all along...

This girl's blog is AHHMAZING! We could spend all day on her site!
Like us she loves Audrey Hepburn and fashion. And her posts are entertaining and deep.
We love her five senses Fridays and the brilliant pictures.
All in all, we love this blog.


Jaime said...

Love your blog name and header pic- congrats on the award! :)

tam pham said...

thanks for the comment on 20something :-)!

Sincere Lee said...

Hey Ladies who Brunch, you've been awarded the Happy 101 Blog Award!


Meighan said...

Could I love you ladies any more than I already do?? You've totally made my day! Thank you a million times my darlings!!

Isabella said...

Looooooove you're blog!
Thanks for you're comment!
Stay tuned for my new updates!
and follow me if u like :)

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