Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

Whoever told you St. Patrick's Day is an excuse to wear obscene amounts of green and place temporary clover tattoos all over your face, they are not your friend.

We advise you to take another look on that "friendship."
Don't be surprised when you remember how they were the ones that told you fishnets were acceptable on Halloween and that Christmas sweaters are cute or it's okay were those white pants even though it's after Labor Day.

In no way, shape, or form is holiday theme dressing acceptable.

We don't care if your Irish. Believe me its not going to make us or anyone want to kiss you after publicly announce you are a firecrotch.

We don't care if your are just "having a good time" or "trying to be festive".

We don't care if your drunk off of Irish Cream in a Beef O' Bradys in bloody Ireland.

Chances are if you are reading our blog you have somewhat good judgement.
Now put that judgement of yours to use and remove all of your ridiculously themed shit of of your body.

You Can Consider This A Favor


Shayna said...

Agree --- be wary of so called friends bearing gifts of glitter, face paint, sweatshirts proclaiming love of anyone/thing, and any article of clothing that glows in the dark! Be even warier if that "friend" has a camera ;-)

Brunch girls said...

Shayna: Omgsh SO TRUE. We love you!

4trainFabulous said...


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