Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Obsession : TATCHA

We're about to tell you something that will change your life.

A few years ago at Starbucks, I noticed my friends forehead was incredibly shiny. So being the good friend I am, I decided to let her know.

"B, can I borrow your mirror? Oh, never mind I can just use your forehead."

She immediately searched through her Chloe Envelope bag (you haven't lived until you own one) for blotting papers. When she came up empty my fellow brunch girl shared a miraculous piece of wisdom.

Starbucks napkins, being made of rice paper, can help remove oil and sweat.
So if your like us and always have excess Starbucks napkins floating around, now you have a use for them.
And no excuse for an oily complexion.

We still, however prefer the real thing. Our favorite being TATCHA. You only need to use one a day and they won't remove any of your make-up. What's unique about these blotting papers is that they are hand made by artisans of aburatorigami, which translates to oil blotting paper. The papers are made from the finest grade of abaca leaves and you can see the authentic gold sparks on them. They also come in darling little packaging. 

Purchase Here:


Beth said...

That's such a good tip. I'm always on the hunt for secret beauty tools-- like using matchstick boxes as nail files. I wonder how many napkins are made of the same ingredients?

Brunch girls said...

Beth - I've never heard that one before....thanks for the tip!

Vinda Sonata said...

great cards. thanks for sharing. seems like they use cool ingredients to make them!

livin wide said...

love those - use them all the time!

p.s. i'm hosting an event at my blog and i hope you'll join in:

Christy said...

Great tip! On that note, instead of buying those Biore blackhead remover pads that are oh so painful, Elmer's glue left on and dried does the trick once you pull it off (less painful, if you an get past the glue smell!)

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