Friday, April 2, 2010

Chanel, You've Done It Again

Who remembers what they were doing this time last year? You were completely dyeing over Chanel's limited edition Jade make-up collection right?

Well, in just a few short weeks Chanel is releasing the new limited-edition black-and-gold-themed makeup collection created for the Paris-Shanghai by the one and only Peter Phillips (more of a lights off, paper bag, kinda man, but google him anyway, we like this site).  The collection will consist of the polishes, Illusion D'or and Gold Lamé. The former being a clear polish with subtle gold sparkles (looks mores intense in the bottle), while the latter has a sexy coppery feel.  

Fyi, we don't approve of gold clothing or jewelry; unless it's more of a champagne gold and that's still tricky to pull off without coming off like meretricious hooker or a tacky nouveau riche cheap middle aged man.



Beth said...

Will this be available to the little people? Aka- me?


I want in on the limited-edition!

Brunch girls said...

Beth: Yes! It will be available at, not sure of the exact date, but it will definitely be sometime in the next month!

Shayna said...

and no gold shoes either! (Or whatever disastrous lucite and gold accessories Elle is shilling this month... unless you're a which case you probably can't afford them)

:-) Love you girls and your awesome sense of fashion/style/humor :-)

Brunch girls said...

Shayna: Yay, we love being quoted! In highschool there was this girl who made us a book of all the clever/funny things we said. Yeah, she was the definition of our bitch.

Brunch girls said...

Shayna: Oh and did we mention we love you too!!

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