Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Hills, a show that made us fall deeply, passionately in love with LA and BRODY JENNER. He is so ridiculously handsome and instead of saying "Hot Chicks," as so many other insects of a lower caliber than his often refer to women, he says "beautiful girls," (we are NOT feminists). The show either ended because nobody likes a bitch and Kristin Cavillari ran it into the ground (somehow outshining Brody's hotness with her bitchiness) or because nobody stands a chance against the lovely OLIVIA PALMERERO. Either way, we predicted it. Now our blog looks like a high school gay boy's bedroom.


Julie said...

arrgh hes a little bit gorgeous.

alright, okay, he's fucking stunning.


Anonymous said...

OMG... You ladies are funny!! I love your blog too and yes, I've put YOU on my blogroll!!!


Valerie said...

perhaps Heidi's injected face was just too much for the show to continue?? YIKES.

Sarah xo said...

Kristin can basically kill anything. Bitchiness and no personality is blah. Plus, it was too lame without LC (I loves my some LC). I was in love with Talan back in the old school Laguna, and then I saw Brody <3 RIP Hills, my tv will not be as swanky and ridic without thee! xo

Annabelle said...

I hate that the Hills is ending, but I don't think Heidi's plastic surgeon has time for it to go on one more season. Brody was always my fave, too!

Stephanie said...

MMMMMM he is delish. Unfortunately, he has left a bad taste in my mouth...well, not literally, though I wish. Wait, gross.

Anyways, my sister lives in LA and she met him at an charity auction event. He suggested they "party together" and was pervy. She didn't take the bait, because well he was a pig. So yeah, since then he has lost some hotness points in my book.

Connie K said...

Oh wow this is awhole lot of hottness yikes ! great post

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