Friday, April 30, 2010

Juliann's Hot, OTH Scripts Are Not, And Why We Love The British

This weeks episode of One Tree Hill once again made us wonder how that show's still on. It's like the shows writers are too high to think so they give it to their kid in fourth grade to write. Usually we never leave during commercials in fear of missing one tiny second, but nearly half way through we were hoping we'd get lost on the way back to the living room. When we saw Jamie and Nathan dancing around we thought someone had changed the channel and we were watching The Ring. Is this really what Nathan's career has come too? Seriously, who watches that and says, "Awww!"?? We felt Clay was trying way too hard to look like Rob Pattinson, but he's kinda cute and we liked how he just came out and told Quinn about his first wife's look alike. But we also wish the show would allow one, just one couple to finally be together without any problems or obstacles. Though, with the way things are going, we doubt the show will make it that long.
We did however, like the Christian Bale and MILF references.
The only thing we know for sure is if Julian got any hotter, he'd burn to death.

Watch this if you want. It's a little dramatic, and we don't know why that lady is in a cubicle if her job is so 
important, and we also aren't so sure her 9 year old daughter should be watching.


By the way, we also don't know what the bar tender and the British girl have to do with anything or anyone 
on OTH, but we love how she talks. We love all the British lingo. That's why along with our BRUNCH Girls 
dictionary, there will also be the English Dictionary, BRUNCH edition. We love the term sodding prick
and can't wait to use it. If your from the UK we would love your help with some words!


MissLiv said...

I'm not from the UK but I lived there for a year...say "proper" in front of everything, like "he proper told me off" or "well" for really and fit instead of hot "she is well fit", and "div" for retard (for want of a better word) "I just had a div moment" oh and "innit" for isn't it, but they pretty much put it at the end of every sentence! Well, the English I knew spoke like this, anyhow :-)

Anonymous said...

Help is at hand ladies.... here are some terms you may like to add into everyday conversation, should someone get on the wrong side of you:

Complete and utter twat
Thundering Idiot
Annoying little git

If you need any more help, just let me know.

Lady M

Sarah xo said...

First of all, Julian really is too hot for words. I'm not quite sure about all this British lingo and Nathan stuff cos I am from the lowly UK where everything is a squillion episodes behind. HOWEVER, I don't like Clay (too moany), Quinn (moany), Millie (moanymoany) so this is my problem, see? Dear oh dear, maybe I'll just watch Julian on mute? xo

Shayna said...

I do have a deep affection for One Tree Hill --- And no, I have no idea why.

Especially since the hottest guy on the show (in my opinion) was Chad Michael Murray (my college roommate and I had a drinking game built around how many times he took his shirt on in a week's episode) ... and he's no longer on the show (insert sigh here)

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