Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2 weeks worth of OTH reviews.....

..... might have to last you a lifetime.
1. Jamie: what 7 year old is that stupid? someone's been getting into mommy's acid.
2. Haley: go ahead, kill yourself.
3. Julian: we want to bear your children
4. Katie: nice Tory Burch flats. it will be the last thing we ever wear, too
5. Brooke: we loovee you.
6. Chase: you can do better.
7. Clay: stop trying to be Rob Pattinson
8. Actor in Julian's movie who's name we don't care enough to learn: we knew you were gay.
intense. amazing. Team Brulian. You know you're a loser when you can't do suicide right. Nathan was wayyyy hotter in his youth. Same old nathan. We knew you were pregnant, PMS isn't THAT bad. If this is the end of the series, it couldn't be better. and then we wouldn't even have to deal with Haley's shit. Good riddance fugly people we don't care about, bring back Payton and Lucas. Also, Julian might be Queer in real life because his legs were crossed when he was in the hot tub next to hot ass Sophia Bush.

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Shayna said...

Agree --- Lucas and Peyton were much more interesting than the current spas-tastic couples...and I don't get why they had Chase going with them. You never see him spending time with any of them, and he's travelling cross country?

...And yet I continue to watch ;-)

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