Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't get me wrong I love your blog, but every once in a while your posts are so dark and edgy. Can you post more like that?


It was a simple thing we wanted, but we really wanted it. The poor girl. When she turned around, she looked so worried. "We're all out," she said. But seriously?  We'd been craving so bad! I guess she could tell. She glanced once, twice. Ok. "Ok," she said. "Boss isn't here, so I'm going to give you two this new stuff. It's not supposed to be out until Tuesday. But for you guys..." Her back was to us again. Hands were gloved and furtive, hasty. "It's stronger," she warned. "You can even smell the difference. Smell."

So we breathed in long. Then we sipped, and yeah, the new blend at Starbucks is pretty alright.

Ask me anything
And yeah we realize this isn't what you meant.
But keep your eye out, they're coming. 


Mars said...

The new Gold Coast blend? Have they changed it from the old? I admit, I used to sling coffee at the 'bux in my younger days. Now though, I'll take my coffee any way I can get it -- whether that is cheap store brand french roast or (my favourite) Starbucks Kenya. Seriously. Kenya with a piece of lemon pound cake is like a party in your mouth.

sarah said...

wow, so happy you guys left that wonderful comment on my blog- thank you so much! I am especially happy that I have found your blog- I was lost but now I am oh so found!! Love what you do- keep it up! xx sarah

natasha said...

Lol. Love this post!
Starbucks is ahhmazing. Caramel lattes are my alltime favourite. Thank you for your comment :)
I love your blog also, I am now a follower. xx

Sheray-Amy said...

Starbucks and runway = gold!
Thanks so much for the cheery comment on my blog, your blog is so smart and amazing.
♥ Sheray.

baby rozi said...

Thanks, could you translate it??

Lovely outfits.. summer.

Shayna said...

Love how you girls are even on the cutting edge of coffee ;-)

Looking forward to trying some :-D

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