Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is There Any Excuse For This?

We're not really sure what Phillip Lim's been thinking lately. It wasn't long ago when we were expressing our love for him. Remember Resort 2010 when he believed in quality and simplicity? Those days are long gone now though. Not only do these designs make us want to go flush our eyes out with acid, but the materials used look cheaply made. We had the unfortunate experience of purchasing this dress from one of his boutiques. The dress itself was pretty fugly, not to mention the material was thin and ill fitted. But, most of all cheap. Just like all his other clothes. We didn't even have to try it on to realize Lim's seamstresses are trying to get back at him for something. Maybe he forced them to wear that horrid red sweater. It took some time, but eventually we managed to get the manager to return this non returnable sorry frock.

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Tanvi said...

Agrh! These are ugly!!! P.S. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!

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