Saturday, May 22, 2010


We read about how cool their mouse coin purse was in Elle (really?) and we went on the website to see what kind of crack the fashion editors were on. To our surprise, we found a lot of edgy pieces, like a necklace with jackie-o, cleverly named "Jackie O.necklace." It's all very cartoon and eccentric, and if that's what you like, or even if it's not, go for it. It has been designed from decendents of the Ottoman's (and later Egypt's) Royal family, who then settled down in paris. Hmmmm, it reminds us more of Tokyo.


Nia B said...

Wow! These are really cool pieces of jewelry! I definately would buy a few for myself. Thanks for sharing.

Tc, Nia B

Kakes said...

thanks a ton for your comment! that means so much to me! i'm following your blog now and im so excited because i LOVE fashion! could you tell me which post you commented on so i can go read your comment?

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