Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jack's Mannequin

We know a couple of people in the music industry and we were talking about One Republic at a party, we cited them as one of our faves, second only to Jack's Mannequin, for the teenage cutter in all of us. We were however, discouraged by the fact that Jack's Manneqiun hasn't released anything good since Andy got better (that 4 song piece of crap isn't even worth out breath). We couldn't believe that just because he was happy and well, his deep music was gone forever. We don't have to worry about it anymore, they're back in the studio and a new album is due out in the fall! this is confirmed by both our friends and Wikipedia.


Bree said...

I love both groups so much and I've seen both of them in concert-so good!

Julie said...

Ah i love both bands! they're like my bath bands. i rarely bath (im a shower sort of girl) and so only bath when i'm stressed or sad. I got my candles and bubbles, and some One Republic, Jack's mannequin or The XX on in the bckground.

now theres a piece of useless information for ya!

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La p├ępite modeuse said...

I love this band !

Nedda Ebo said...

LOL your posts make me laugh.
I love Jack's Mannequin ♥

Mustart x

ilsteviewonder said...

I just love your posts :)

Orchid said...

havent heard of these guys maybe (will look them up now thnx) but i love one republic for sure!!!

katmcd said...

I love Jacks. I have them second in my heart to only Something Corporate...which is more or less the same band. I cant wait to see them live (for the 1000th) in August.

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