Monday, June 21, 2010

Like really, really hot!

You know how PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is the best movie ever? It's probably because of the great plot, hot people, and good writing. We thought the setting and time period contributed, but maybe not.

Marie Antoinette is of an older time, and it's stunningly beautiful, but pretty boring.
Becoming Jane.
The Duchess.
The Young Victoria (pretty good).
Elizabeth the Golden Age.
The Other Boleyn Girl.

Also, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is the best movie ever, and Patrick Wilson and Gerrard Butler can Eiffel Tower me anytime.
Alice in Wonderland was kinda good, did you see Twilight's Rosalie Cullen in the White Queen's court?
X-Men Origins Wolverine was good, Hugh Jackman has excellent stamina.


Star-Light said...

i like all these movies :))

Micaela said...

i looooooooooove pride and prejudice with all my soul... it's the best romantic movie ever, i have seen it almost two millon times and cried everyone! amazing post.

Shayna said...

I still love Colin Firth in the BBC mini series Pride & Prejudice, but the movie - also awesome ;-)

and the phrase "eiffel tower me any time"... love it!

Anonymous said...

omggggggg mr.darcy from pride and prejudice is sooooo yummy (:

4trainFabulous said...

Um I love you girls.

I'm P&P ob-sessed...watched it last night AGAIN

Feeling like you ladies this week - on a total Nancy Botwin diet

ilsteviewonder said...

great post :)

Anonymous said...

EIFFEL TOWER!!!! I'd completely accept that as well... Love this post, two of my fave movies for shiizzzzz

Courtney said...

Lol! I'm starting to really warm up the movie reviews here. Hilarious.

When you think boy short think

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