Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vote For Marc

The CDFA Awards are Monday! And this morning Diane Von Furstenburg announced the nominees. To no surprise Marc Jacobs is nominated for Womenswear designer of the Year. His fellow nominees are Alexander Wang and Donna Karen.We love Marc Jacobs.  He's so controversial and we just lust over all the attention he creates. The designer's perfume, Daisy, alone makes him deserving of this award. Plus, his Spring 2010 collection positively thrilled us with all the luxury it exuded. So, here's hoping that this mercurial designer who delights, stuns, and scares the fashion world wins this year! (Sorry Alexander, bet you're rethinking that Gap collaboration now...)


Shayna said...

I'm not sure if I love this picture or if that admiration of photoshop is totally overidden by the fact that I suspect it will be haunting my dreams... in any case, I just sniffed his new perfume while shopping over the weekend it is quite lovely :-)

Dessinatrice said...

It's been WAY too long since I read up on my blogs what with wrapping up school and getting back into old lady work mode... just wanted to drop some love, your formspring answers make me completely hysterical and p.s. I love Weeds! and Marc. but that's a given, who doesn't? Other than that last person who should clearly be eliminated ;)

Ripped Nylon

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