Sunday, June 27, 2010

You're Welcome

Nearing our 300th post, it's safe to say we've been around this whole blogosphere once or twice. And while we've discovered some pretty remarkable blogs, the majority of them are rants from emo kids and religious homeschoolers. Dear Followers, Last night I dreamt I did the nasty with the Brunch Girls. I'm so worried I'll be damned to hell. I knew the Preacher was right when he said the world wide web was the devil. 

 So, as much as we love all of you, you're the lucky ones. Out of all the Christian family news blogs, you still managed to find us.


Dessinatrice said...

LOL. you girls are seriously too much. By which I mean... never enough :)

Ripped Nylon

Anonymous said...

I'm very much okay with trying to come off as chic and better than thou, however, your whole act is ruined by spelling "your/you're" incorrectly!
Spelling correctly and using correct grammar is classic and sophisticated.

Brunch girls said...

Thank you ANONYMOUS! one of the brunch girls isn't the brightest star in the sky (note the errors in only half the posts), but shes hot and i love her. Don't be such a player hater anonymous!

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