Thursday, August 19, 2010

(You) buy kotex!

NO, thats a joke, we will not be blogging about tampons after such a long sebatical (although they are fun and colorful). We've been traveling. This means, of course, that we've brought back a treat. Actually a few, we're just gonna shoot you up with enough bullets to make an M16 cower in shame)

  • The whole marching band/ military style jacket has been picked up by the middle class people of america. As always, a year too late.
  • Gwen Stafani is really gorgeous and she looks like Merilyn Monroe and Leighton Meester's lovechild close up
  • We have the unexplicable urge to purchase smart cars in the near future. This is because you can take the panels off the outside of the car and switch them out for another color (the process takes 15 minutes). In Europe, people trade them. And how many other cars double as golf carts?
  • The gorgeous reigning queen of, Olivia Palermo, has collaborated with, nay, allowed Tresseme to make some videos for an online series, and while they don't last as long as most of the guys we've slept with (forgive us for the tacky line, we're trying to paint a picture), they are mildly entertaining, except not. These are a disgrace.
  • That gay and black is the best combination since Blair and Chuck. Its Kingsley Bitch made us laugh so hard our (SS 09 Prada) turbans unraveled. We especially like his things I hate video and the bit about squirrels.
  • H&M and  Charlotte Russe and Kesha have collaborated to create an online fashion. Like vintage and cheap stores around america ( we are NOT comparing the two), its hit or miss. But if we were younger and less classy, fab, and prosperous, we'd shop at Asos.
  • Linkin Park's Catalyst is more epic than Muse's Uprising, if you're in to that kind of thing.
  • BB Dakota is getting pretty topshopish and that is good for them.


Shayna said...

Glad to see the Brunch Girls are back!! Definitely seeing lots of military-esque ensembles - so what do the Brunch Girls recommend for fall fashion this year?

Anonymous said...

cardigans and tanks. lots more black than usual

d said...

amazing blog and post i'm so following! xxx

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