Monday, September 20, 2010


    To some, the most gorgeous place in the universe is California. Whether you like the L.A. nightlife or the calm coziness of Santa Barbara, Cali is the place for you. Here's a fashion recap of tonight's 90210: Age of Inheritance. The gorgeous dress she wore on the cutout was Theory's "Taliana" on sale every except, of course, net-a-porter. Homely Annie's was a Theory too: the Brinda, also on sale in most sizes everywhere. And the Aidan Mattox "Cold Shoulder" dress was less than remarkable, especially for a newly endowed 18 year  old. Those were the only notable clothes , meeting adjourned. 

CW is awesome, but are we the only ones who noticed the goddamn cutting music was louder than the words, a death sentence to any good writing. 


living well said...

I definitely noticed the music being WAY too loud when I watched Gossip Girl last week. I kept thinking something was wrong with my TV because why on earth would they do that?!

Shayna said...

...anyone else excited for One Tree Hill? if for no other reason than to see Brooke be both broke and dressed in clothing that was just on the runway?

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