Saturday, September 11, 2010


We didn't shed a tear when we nearly died traipsing around town in our sky-high $1,100 Lanvin shoes at the solid age of 16. Nor did we when our classic happy tote was declared "last season" by a hater, or when we saw how beautiful we looked in their overpriced pearl/grosgrain necklaces in the mirror of the jewelry department at Barneys. We actually laughed when we saw that black-haired crack whore on the $300nT-shirts. But now, when we see our beloved Alber Elbaz on a video justifying and promoting his new limited edition line: LANVIN for H&M we cry.  H&M is fabulous and wonderful, and merely one step below Topshop, but so not on Lanvin's level. What is wrong with the universe?
this is a french Lanvin postage stamp as they, like Stalin, were once a major superpower.


Shayna said...

It is seriously disconcerting to see Proenza Schouler's name on boxes in Payless, Vera Wang's on heinous burlap sack dresses at Kohl's, but truly disturbing to see Lanvin at H&M --- If I buy it at H&M, then how can the brand value of Lanvin's $1,000 dress not go down? It's hard to imagine this working ... but if it does, then that's great - more people will be better dressed. I just hope that unlike the garbage Schouler and Wang have put out at their respective bargain basement stores, these items are worth owning.

La pépite modeuse said...

Great !

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