Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy, It's what's for dinner

       Went to Barney's today and picked out these super cute earrings. Hoping to wear to Spencer's 21st in Vegas! Ate lunch at Fred's with Jamie, so psyched to go to Vale with her over the holiday. Aren't you glad we don't blog like that? Blogging is supposed to interest other people, not read like the journal of a schizo mother in a psych ward that tried to kill her kids and is taking it "day by day." As Lewis Black( the principal in accepted) once said "Twitter is crap! If you're writing about doing something YOU'RE NOT ACTUALLY DOING IT." But we're already off topic. Todays post is deeply personal, we for once take the role of the asker not the answerer. Women of a certain age:

       The great philosopher, gossip girl, once said that there comes at time in every girls life when she realized that her mother just might be more messed up than she is. Yes, we knew that when were eight. What we ask now is when you realize that a close friend is more messed up than even your mother. They change and you don't see it, the shadow of a monster rising far above your back, but it's there. At a certain point you realize it, but ignore it because you believe that it's just a shadow and nothing more. But soon you realize that the shadow was from an even bigger, scarier monster in the shape of your buddy. It starts to plague your thoughts and you can't shake it. Carbs become appealing, massages become nerve wrecking, chats become distant, and music becomes pointless, all because of the colossus. Your friend has become a fiend and you try everything to fix it. As soon as you realize that it's over and passively drop them, they go and do something stupid. They take a huge cut at you and they feel as cold and slimy as the lump in your stomach. You have no choice but to destroy them, but they have the upper hand, because everyone fears the devil. You suddenly realize that drama has taken a human form, residing in the dark cold body of your former friend. That reads like a diary entry from seventh grade, suppressed memories be gone!

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