Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The CW is giving us lots of inspiration this week, clearly. Our commentaries on one tree hill are more positive than normal:
JULIAN is a God. But also very gay. What guy picks out flowers and knows their names. A perfect one or a gay one?
We loved Brooke's 3.1. Phillip Lim skirt WHEN WE SAW IT A YEAR AGO. We tried it on but it was impossible to sit/move in, even for us (We're not loving Phil right now). But maybe Brooke doesn't need it to be flexible because she doesn't spread her legs for Julian anymore because she too picked up on his gay vibes. Why is haley on this show? Her name is "Bethany Joy," it sounds like something we named our black barbies. Also what is recently fat Nathan gonna do with his life? Making the only amazing (not hot, just great) straight jock DILF a stay at home dad is not a good plot twist, CW. Neither is letting 2 people beat the odds and live or allowing Mouth and Milly to be on the show. Is Julian about to be another Nathan stalker that gets off by watching videos of him because that would be great CW. Recently we learned that one of our mothers watches one tree hill. We really liked one republic's GOOD LIFE playing in the beginning, that's our favorite since the world raped secrets.

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Shayna said...

I was ok w/ Clay and Quinn not dying - just not w/ them dragging out will-they-die-or-are-they-already-dead weirdness for so long.

...and really, if we're not going to see Chad Michael Murray, what's with the letters to Lucas??

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