Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh My Gossip Girl

What the fuck is going on? Chuck is running around being nice and spending his money on charity, that is so not him. And worse, he's spending his time with little bo peep. And why is Nate dating that crazy chick? The actress is a leftover from melrose place and she annoyed us on that too. We all know that Serena didn't get accepted to Hampton House because of that hideous DVF she wore (brown & pink? Really). It is quite possible that Blair beat her on tonights episode in a dress straight from Vanessa's closet. And Dan and Vanessa are playing house and so are S and B. What is this?

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Ess said...

I absolutely agree!!!! But did you see the most recent episode...things are finally getting better. Chuck is back to his AWESOME self. Lol

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