Monday, July 23, 2012

GIRLS just wanna get some

HBO's girls has just concluded its final season with a surprise wedding between a man with a 3 thousand dollar rug and a British Rhianna. This show is like a modern day sex in the city with 4 different types of women girls: an unemployed one with self-image issues, a careless free-spirited and spontaneous one, a virgin, and an uptight whiny one. Who do you think we love? Yes, and her name is Marnie but in real life her name is Allison Williams, Yale Grad (which explains why she's good at acting uptight) and daughter of the one and only Brian Williams! Plus she's totally the hottest one, which explains why her boyfriend is so adorable (we feel like hes an adventurous, hippie type but cannot explain why). This show is great because its so unbelievably real. Now we're going to feed you the best line of the season, delivered exquisitely by that one guy from SNL.

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