Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Date Night

Is the funniest, and possibly best movie we've ever seen. Definitely up there with Twilight.
The Informant was pretty good too. Like crazy good. Matt Damon is a DILF. he looks like a nineties piece of garbage in the movie (we hate the 90s), but nothing can hide his hot face. In the movie, he throws in a bunch of random facts, like polar bears put their paws over their noses to catch whale seals because they'd be completely camouflage if it weren't for their noses. And then goes in to question how polar bears know their nose is black. They can't see it. Do they see other polar bears and know, because that's awfully smart for a bear. DEEP STUFF.

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Sarah xo said...

I effing loved The Informant and like you, am a total Matt Damon loverrrr. He's about to be a DILF +1, his wife is pregnant again, furthering my dream of him coming to sweep me off my (very poor) feet. Oh, a girl can dream! xo

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