Monday, April 26, 2010

A Bookmark Worthy Sale Site

Last night we discovered We imagine it felt something like when Ponce De Leon discovered America. Not only are their vintage Chanel, Cartier, Balenciaga, Van Cleefe and Arpels (which make Tiffany's look like Claire's.)  

But THEY HAVE BIRKIN BAGS FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!!  Granted they're pre owned, but it's not likeyou can afford them anyway. There is an extremely rare vintage ivory whale skin Kelly bag for only seven
thousand. Our favorite though is the light blue Birkin at sixty two thousand. 
We've never heard of this site before, but we suggest you browse it when you have a lot of spare time, seeing as we spent at least two hours raping it last night.


Anonymous said...

There is also another site like this! I think it is called yoogi's closet or something like that.

Every once in a while, Portero does sort of a "liquidation" sale - designer shoes very discounted, etc. It is worth being on the email list.

Wrecked Stellar said...

Sounds fabulous- need to check it out!! xo, mel

Shayna said...

Am salivating over the adorable Birkins... (insert sigh here) ;-)

Island Gal said...

Hi! I chose YOUR BLOG for an award on my blog!! Check it out:

Hope you like it!!

Stephanie said...

OMG what I would do for a Birkin. FML why am I not rich and fabulous?

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