Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birkin Murderer!!!!

Apocalypse is coming! The already endangered Birkin bag is becoming extinct!!!  The Murderer: Lady Gaga. We hope you can stomach what you're about to read.
Lady Gaga, carrying our favorite white one with gold hardware clearly got bored on the plane and ran out of crack, why else would she WRITE ON A BIRKIN? She wrote "I love Small Monster, Tokyo love" in black sharpie on the $15,000 bag. She is no small monster. And then she smashed her arm in the wet ink! Is that what's up? Are Birkins becoming stampers? And Hermes clearly thought she deserved a new one for some reason, so they gave her a black one that she seems to have dropped in a bucket of nails but claimed it was "custom." This is just rabid. 


Shayna said...

"The horror, the horror!" Because, really - why would anyone - included Lady Gaga - write on a Birkin bag?

The greatest irony of all, of course, is that thta particular bag just skyrocketed in value, and Hermes will probably replicate it as a special edition or some such

Little Miss Paige said...

I love Lady Gaga, but this is absolutely sinful. I couldn't stomach it.

Little Miss Paige

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