Friday, October 15, 2010

We had the best shoes in the world, that is until these came into it. The Neiman Marcus "Current" catalogue tried to jipp us by putting these shoes in it but omitting the details, too bad we're not dumb. They pull that kind of crap all the time, that's why we hate him. They assume we, like most of America, are stupid, that's why we love them. These are the shoes to make Dorothy's toes curl inside her suddenly out ruby slippers. It's called the Casedi Saturn peep-toe. How did Casedi get their name? Its someone's last name, but we like to think Cassidy called in chinese food and laughed she saw Casadei scrawled across the bill in big letters.


Stefani said...


Little Miss Curious said...

Adorableee! I need 'em! O:)


Freja Wewer Hjernøe said...

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Anonymous said...

One again your blog has disappointed me...

Where are the quick knife cutting moments of complete honesty?
I miss the old days where your bitchy comments gave Blair a run for her money..

Please bring back the old blog days :)

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