Sunday, January 24, 2010


It breaks our heart when we think about what is going on in Haiti, even more so when we found out they have called off the search. Granted they're not Jesus or Posh Spice but still it's horribly sad to think about. It sucks that it takes something as big as this for us realize how lucky we are. These people have lost EVERYTHING and it makes us ashamed of how materialistic we have been in the past. So from this point on we are going to work on putting friendship and family first. And of course we are going to find a way to send help to Haiti. We urge all of you to do so also if already haven't. They seriously need our help; Rajiv Shah, head of the US Agency for International Development, said, "The scale of the destruction and the human consequence is just unparalleled. We're never going to meet the need as quickly as we'd like." So please help and send your prayers to Haiti.

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Anonymous said...

wow only you guys would make me laugh while thinking about whats going on in haiti
love ya!

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